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Troubleshooting AC Problems for Charlotte Homeowners

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If you’re familiar with the phrase ‘better safe than sorry’, then you know how important maintenance is before things get worse. Simple solutions exist for problems otherwise thought of as difficult to deal with.

It’s no different from an air conditioning unit. Before you call an engineer, you might want to consider other means to troubleshoot your AC problems. It’s okay to have services like Air conditioning repair Charlotte NC look into the problems. But it won’t hurt to learn a few tricks.

When the AC won’t come on

As easy as it sounds, this could be a problem with related difficulties. Figure setting up your new AC according to specifications and not feeling any movement? Or have an old one that suddenly goes off? Don’t panic though, check the fuse and make sure it isn’t burnt out. Also, it could be as a result of trips, circuits or lax wires you’d have to either reset or replace.

Filter problems

It’s pretty obvious you have to constantly take a look at your filters, particularly if they’re dirty. They have a knock-on effect on the AC because of the air it takes in which leads to eventual breakdown. A clogged or dirty filter is simply bad news and should be dealt with immediately. You should seriously consider changing the filters to avoid further problems like water leaking, ice on refrigerant lines and inadequate cooling.

Thermostat problems

Thermostats are often delicate issues and you’d probably need to have a manual in hand. It’s not easy to maneuver around, that’s why people seek help from AC conditioning repair Charlotte NC. Issues with the thermostat include stopping the AC from coming on and warm or hot air coming out of the vents. Make sure the settings are correct, especially the temperature chosen. Set it to cool. Some people ignore this aspect and end up calling a professional almost immediately. It sure helps to check first.

Condenser problems

The condenser is where the heat is taken out from the refrigerant. Through the condenser coil, heat is released outside the building while the refrigerant cools and becomes liquid. This job means it is open to dirt-inducing elements and pollutants that make for bad performance.

Thankfully, you can troubleshoot the coil in many ways. Also, clear irritants like plants, spray coils with cleaner or rinse it. You can do all these after you’ve completely disconnected the unit. If the problem leads to more difficulties reach out to Air conditioning repair Charlotte NC.

Duct problems

Well, if you’ve experienced issues with not having enough cool air even after seeing the temperature low, check your ducts. Sometimes the duct work could be hampered by rodents or workers not mindful of them. You don’t want your bills to increase and your AC, serving inanimate areas of your home.

That’s why early detection will save you money. Again, the ducts may just be beyond your line of expertise, so calling a professional is a good idea. Always look to maintain and replace your ducts where necessary.

In conclusion, routine maintenance often makes the difference in your pockets. Take time to troubleshoot issues before making consultations.

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