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Studies Prove Commercial Belt Driven HVAC Retrofits save energy

By Justin Funderburk / in , , , , /

Higher efficiency. Lower energy use. Commercial HVAC applications are being designed with energy conservation in mind. In this infographic, The ACHR NEWS breaks down the data behind the belt drives that power over 80% of commercial HVAC equipment, demonstrating how the right type of belt can affect a system’s life — and what applications provide the quickest path to energy responsibility.

Vbelt drives are required to transmit rotational motion. Theyre often thought of as accessory items to a primary piece of equipment.
A driversheave(pulley)
A drivensheave
bushings, to adapt the sheaves to varying shaft sizes
One or several Vbelts
BELT DRIVES are the means of mechanical power transmissions for over 80% of commercial HVAC equipment.

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