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We offer emergency and routine AC repair to the residents and businesses in the Charlotte area. Quick, dependable and always committed to you, trust our experienced staff to repair your HVAC fast.

We are committed to each and every one of our clients and ensure that the very best service is provided to all. Our Mooresville HVAC Repair services are available to any residential or industrial clients.

Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

North Carolina has some extreme seasonal weather, we can have 100 degree days in Summer and single digit temperatures in the winter. The Heating and Air Conditioning in your home or business is very important to the comfort and well being of the occupants; If you have a HVAC Emergency you can depend on Air Comfort Tech to arrive FAST and get your system working again!

Routine Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance is very important to maintain a properly working HVAC system. Just like how you have to routinely change your oil in your car, your air conditioning requires regular maintenance to maintain the health and efficiency of the system. We offer awesome deals on Air Conditioning Tune-Ups and Routine HVAC Maintenance.

Common air conditioning problems

Some of the most common air conditioning issues do not require a service call, while other may be major. We will walk you through some very easy troubleshooting steps, or advise you to call us for help.

Problems with the Thermostat

Are you settings your thermostat to a comfortable temperature, but the system never reaches your set-point? Ensure your Thermostat is level, and that the unit is actually running. If both are good, call us for further diagnosis.

Compressor or Fans Worn

When you turn on your air conditioning are you hearing a loud grinding or squealing sound? Good chance your compressor or fans may be worn. Contact our team for a proper diagnosis.

Air Conditioning Drain Problems

During hot days on summer, your HVAC is suddenly not turning on. The system is on, but nothing happens. You may have even noticed a water leak in the ceiling! Air Conditioning systems produce condensation that must drain outdoors, your drain may be clogged and the drain pan full. Clear the clog, or have our technicians do it for you.

Uncomfortable & High Power Bills

Your home air conditioning in Mooresville, NC is taking forever to get cool, and your power bill from Duke Energy, Energy United or PSNC is much higher than before? It could be a sign that your Air Conditioning system has seen it's final days. Generally HVAC systems last 10-12 years in our climate, if your system is that old it may be time to call ACT for an estimate.

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