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5 Ways to Tell if your Air Conditioning is going out

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You are going about your life and it’s a beautiful summer night in North Carolina, the temperature is about 95 degrees while the sun is up. You decide it’s time to go inside and cool off, except when you step through the door it’s not very cool. First thing you do is go and check the thermostat, it’s set at 75 degrees but indoor temperature is about 90. You remember your HVAC unit is about 12 years old, and you are lucky to get that amount of life from it; it’s time to call Air Comfort Technologies!

People who live in North Carolina know the weather can be quite strange, and our Heating and Air Conditioning is very important to our comfort. During the summer days it can be very hot, and during the winter we can see some very cold nights. If you have been noticing some really high power bills, or that your Air Conditioning is having to run continuously and still not cooling properly, you may need to call our professional HVAC technicians.

What are 5 Ways to tell if your Air Conditioning is on it’s last leg?

1. High Utility Bills

Are you experiencing higher than normal Utility Bills from Duke, PSNC, Energy United or another North Carolina utility provider? If you have been noticing your HVAC running more than normal, there is a good chance that is the cause of your high bills. It could be from a loss of efficiency due to unit life, or from poor maintenance.

2.  Age of HVAC Unit

If you have lived in your house for many years, you probably know how old your Air Conditioning system is. Just like your car; your HVAC requires regular routine maintenance to keep it running efficiently and prolong the lifespan of the unit. If the maintenance has not been managed properly, and the unit is 10-12 years old or more there is a good chance the unit is on it’s last leg. Our professional technicians will inspect your unit, and tell you honestly if there is life left in the unit or if it’s time to replace.

3. Loud Noises

If you are trying to sleep at night and some horrible noise begins after your air conditioning unit comes on, there is a good chance your Compressor or Fans have started to go bad. Proper maintenance is key here again, because dirty units generally have bearings fail or other major components. Technicians can diagnose these problems and inform you of the cost involved.

4. Poor Efficiency / Comfort

Nobody likes to be uncomfortable in their own home, and the heating or air conditioning is responsible for most of our indoor comfort. If your heat is just not getting the house warm enough, or the air conditioning just not cooling it off enough in your home it could mean the unit has a loss of efficiency due to old age or poor maintenance. Some units can be saved temporarily with a Tune-Up, but it’s not a permanent fix. You will need to start saving for a new Air Conditioning unit and this is the perfect time to upgrade!

5. Blowing Debris & Using Freon Regularly

If you have debris flying out of your vents in your home, there is a good chance the system is starting to break down internally and this debris is actually parts from the system. Another thing that generally goes along with debris coming from the vents is the Freon usage. If you have to replace Freon yearly, or every couple of months this is a good sign your unit is on it’s last leg. Freon leaking can also be a hazard to your health and get very expensive, so be cautious if you are filling your unit too often.

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